Empower Your People to







Employee Engagement

Using the RippleWorx surveying and data analysis technology, you can determine just what drives your employees on an individual level.

Maybe one needs team recognition,while the other needs a private pat on the back. Maybe their motivations are very different, maybe they're the same -but by using the data, you can be sure you are supporting them at the maximum level.

Communication + scheduling

Communicate internally using an encrypted, fully featured chat interface. Schedule using the RippleWorx calendar, to maximize use of your team's time. RippleWorx unique calendar has some features that help productivity such as only proposing meeting times that work with the schedule of each invitee, start a chat right from the invitation to communicate things like a venue change, as well as giving the initiator a heads up on who has seen their invite and who hasn't.

Feedback + Growth

RippleWorx goals module will help up-skill your people to reach their goals for themselves, and your goals for the team. Managers can set goals for each person, and for the entire team as a whole, while using individualized feedback from the survey tool to create patterns that work for each individual. By giving feedback directly to the employee via the app, driving exponential growth.