The RippleWorx Dashboard is your home base, giving you a holistic view of you. At a glance, you will see where you stand on your journey to success. From the phone in your pocket, you can review progress, update targets, and see where you stand among your team, colleagues, and opponents. As a manager, coach, or The Boss - the RippleWorx Dashboard will provide real-time statistics on individuals, your groups, and your team or company at large. Dig in to the data that drives your success!


What are your strong suits? Where could you spend more time driving success? How did you do last week? How are you better than your teammates or colleagues? The RippleWorx Goals Module will help you get there.
Push Yourself.
Watch your stats and skills paint a picture of your successful pursuits and lessons learned.


Let's say you want to meet with an individual, a group of people, or the whole company. Create an event within the RippleWorx Calendar, and add the users to the event and watch RippleWorx work magic, as it analyzes every attendee's calendar and availability to only suggest meeting times that are open for everyone, for your chosen duration. What? Yeah.

Survey & Assessment

The RippleWorx Survey module provides administrators a way to capture vital data in an effortless way. Get started by asking questions like:

"How did you sleep?"
"Do you agree with decisions made in today's meeting?"
"If you were "The Boss" for a day - what would you change?"

Users will receive a push notification prompting them to complete the survey, which can be completed as easily as choosing a tired face emoji to correlate that they are tired today. Over time, trends in data will provide otherwise unnoticed key data points.

The RippleWorx Assessment module gives administrators a tool to mentor and quiz their team. Include custom video content for users to analyze, documents to read and comprehend, and finish with a series of scored and weighted questions.


The RippleWorx Chat module provides encrypted private and group chat capabilities, with gif support. The RippleWorx Chat module is available in the mobile and desktop applications.