What if you could ensure that every soldier had every item they needed, without making them unpack their bag in front of you? Packing lists, machinery inventory, personnel listings, are just a few of the benefits of Ripple's surveying & list module.

Give Feedback

Interact personally with each soldier, as much as you would like. Ripple will bring the essence of one on one feedback in an otherwise group situation. By using the feedback module, you can help soldiers reach their maximum potential.


Last minute change of venue for your skills training? No problem. Ripple can easily push notifications to all soldiers within a calendar invite, allow the manager to view who has seen the invite, who responded, and who ignored it, and every soldier will have an active calendar regardless of if they have an email address. Scheduling made simple!


With private and public chat, our app helps you stay connected to your entire team. You can chat with an individual or group, from any other module within the platform.


Personalized and team goals help the soldier grow in areas that need improvement as well as reach their mission success. By creating individualized goals, you can improve everything from PT scores to phsyiological health.


By giving the soldier input, you can get a true feel for their wellbeing. You can ask how they liked a particular training, how they slept, or if they need any assistance. It's a specialized way to gauge your team one on one and use data to track when soldiers may be at risk and need mitigation.