Your Internal Communication.
Without Barriers.

Easy shift scheduling.

Ripple’s AI helps you to optimize the organization of your whole team and to speed up the development of the shift schedule. If you want to meet with your team, Ripple will analyse the calendar and the availability of each invitee and suggest only those meeting times, that are open for everybody. 

Secure private
and group chats.

Take advantage of Ripple’s safe chat room that can be used for the secure transmission of internal information. Are you aware of the goals of your colleagues? Ripple allows your staff direct, prompt and protected communication, so that every staff member can have a say in and influence on his or her work. 

Effortless instant feedback to the team.

Be ahead in the competition for the best medical specialists and improve your team’s job satisfaction in a sustainable way. Benefit from Ripple’s feedback channels, so your team can perform its best:
Where does your staff lose energy?
What workflows in the daily routine are obstructive and inefficient?
What processes can be simplified and standardized?