42% of physicians, and 37% of nurses report having feelings of burn-out in their profession. Source: Medscape

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RippleWorx has many more applications to enhance our military and other DoD assets. We can tailor the application to suit the needs, requirements, missions, and goals of the individual Operator AND the Unit as a whole. If you would like to learn more, or have questions - please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Communicate Anywhere, Anytime.

The RippleWorx system allows for communication to happen anywhere, when nurses, doctors, or patients are remote. You could check up on your patient's treatment progress, ask diagnostic questions to find out early detection signs, send online videos and helpful information for home care, and know from on-line communication with your patient when it is time for an office visit.

Features: Chat, Video Integration, Surveys

Workload Management

Through the advanced business intelligence of Rippleworx, our technology allows you to care for your staff so they can optimally care for your patients.

Features: Integrated Calendar to Optimize Scheduling, Patented Data Algorithm for Wellness Tracking, Survey Tool for Aggregated Feedback.

Protect your staff.

Through the RippleWorx engine, we are able to collect and analyze data that allows us to shed light on potential trends that lead to burn-out.

Features: Quantitative and Qualitative Survey Analysis, Goals and Skills Tracking

Everything, in one place.

Survey anyone you want, inside or outside of your facility, use RippleWorx's encrypted chat for easy conversations on the go, and create groups, roles, and permissions among users for maximum feedback and interaction.

Features: Encrypted chat, Survey tool, User Management, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis