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RippleWorx is Connecting Hospitals

Feeling Chatty?

Have you ever needed to have a private conversation with someone from afar? Ripple’s chat module is GDRP and HIPPA certified to protect your conversations and information shared. By using Ripple chat, you can share patient records, discuss matters, or simply schedule a meeting, all from the touch of your screen. Need to reach a doctor and you don’t have their phone number? No problem, any user within the Ripple platform can be reached via Chat, Message, or by scheduling an event within the Ripple calendar.

Our calendar makes shift changes easy and effective, by allowing staff to input their preferred off days, and working around them to make the most effective schedule for everyone. Seem easy? It is.

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RippleWorx Education V.02 Things we Learned

A friend of mine recently told me they were leaving their job. When I asked if they were looking for better pay or if they were frustrated with their role and they said, “If I learned anything from my time through the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s I deserve better – I don’t feel like my company really cares about me or my career and I don’t want to waste my life doing boring tasks without meaning.”

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RippleWorx Education V.01 Things We Learned

Companies are wrapping up mid-year performance reviews and everyone is excited – said no one ever. In large part, the low feelings managers and employees experience is based on the process itself. Too many organizations still follow the annual and biannual performance appraisal process. And, because of this, they miss out on authentic conversations about performance that matters to the employee, the manager, and the team.

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