Develop the

Customizable Data / Better Performance

RippleWorx custom solution enables performance acceleration through data analytics. Fueled by integration of cognitive, physical, and statistical data Rippleworx tailors to the development of the individual thus enhancing the team.

Integrated Calendar for seamless scheduling of practice & trainings
Upload questions and videos and share with groups of people or individuals
Integrate with GPS, Opta, or any data you use daily
Create goals and training plans customized to groups of people or individuals
Use video integrations to send game film or training videos for review


The RippleWorx patented algorithm brings value in a unique way by pinpointing pains.By analyzing the correlation between performance data and wellness information from our survey tool, RippleWorx can highlight where players are at risk for failure, or empower them for accelerated growth.

Day to day

RippleWorx skills and goals modules enhance performance, but we understand the day-to-day must still happen. RippleWorx has a suite of modules that save everyone time from an integrated calendar, an encrypted chat, and organizational hierarchy and user management. Push notifications for every change, new event, or chat message allow you to stay up to date.