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Where employee surveys evolve into impactful interventions.

RippleWorx transforms workforce performance through a unique blend of People Science, proprietary AI, and a dual focus on individual (ME) and organizational (WE) development.

Quickly identify actionable insights across vast sources of people data. 

By focusing on the 'motivation to momentum' principle, RippleWorx ensures that the journey from understanding individual motivations to achieving performance goals is both strategic and impactful—leading to happier, more efficient and profitable organizations.

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Drive talent retention and performance readiness with 

the RPX5.

Well-Being: Enhance overall employee wellness, reducing burnout and absenteeism while promoting a healthier, more engaged workforce.

Knowledge and Skills: Equip your team with the essential competencies and skills for continuous growth and effective performance.

Motivation: Empower your workforce with the drive and alignment needed to achieve personal and organizational goals, boosting productivity and satisfaction.

Positive Mechanisms: Streamline productivity with tailored organizational tools and practices that drive engagement and efficiency.

Performance Culture: Foster a culture of continuous improvement and accountability, ensuring sustained high performance and innovation.

Guide individual purpose to unleash organizational potential.

Through our learning-based human performance model, RippleWorx provides a holistic view of your organization’s pulse—ensuring leaders are equipped to make data-backed decisions in real time.

With advanced people analytics technology, we decode the emotional underpinnings of your organization, facilitating growth in motivation, engagement, and productivity.

Easily assess the readiness of individuals, teams, and the entire organization, presenting a comprehensive view of talent health on a single intuitive dashboard.

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Our PROVEN process

From insight to impact, we harness the power of performance.

Survey: Align

With our easy-to-use platform and AI-driven analytics, your team's voices are heard, enabling swift action to improve engagement and build trust within your organization.

Engage: Retain

Celebrate wins and recognize hard work to boost motivation across the board, providing clear visibility into performance metrics for a happier, more engaged workforce.

Develop: Perform

Link individual capabilities to specific goals, ensuring everyone's efforts contribute to the shared objective, paving a clear path for both individual and organizational growth.

one ripple AT A TIME

Driven by purpose, recognized for 


Inc. 5000 recognized RippleWorx on their 2023 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Proudly ranked #324 out of 5,000 and standing 40th in the software industry.

“Our team is the heartbeat behind RippleWorx. We are a collective of innovators, strategists, and dreamers who have a shared goal: empowering employees to excel, especially those in distributed high-performing teams and deskless environments.”

Angie Sandritter, CEO of RippleWorx

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Why rippleworx?

Empower your team like the pros! 🚀

From monitoring athletes to optimizing workloads, our roots in performance tracking have shaped our mission. Like a digital coach, we help identify when teams are poised to excel or at risk of burnout. Whether in sports or business, high performance is our game.

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