Beyond analyzing
to actionizing.

Today, organizations are working to evolve with the "new normal" and company strategies. Individuals feel the pressure to perform while questioning their own motivation to continue under these new stresses. RippleWorx not only provides you an understanding of the pulse of your people but, also the right actions to take to inspire people to stay engaged and grow with your organization.

Ripple Effect Explained
RippleScore Pulse

How it works.


Simple, effective, and automatic pulse surveys give your employees a voice and a way to be heard. Deep sentiment analysis provides you effective insights into the actions to take so people trust and engage in the dialog.


People engage when their motivation is aligned to  leader's values/goals and their contribution is recognized. The RippleScore coupled with the Ripple Nudge provides you the right formula to motivate, recognize & retain.


Performance is achieved from the contribution of individuals. RippleWorx provides a unique way to tie capabilities and proficiency to goals, allowing people to know exactly where to grow in a way they want and the organization needs.


The RippleWorx platform provides you all of the features you need to engage your workforce for the future!


Unlimited, Flexible, Anonymous and Pulse Surveys for Real-Time Feedback.

Ripple Score

Your Dynamic, Real-Time Score for Engagement and Readiness.


Powerful Data Analysis to Make Your Organization Better!

Training Plans

Integrated, LMS-Lite to Deploy Individualized, Dynamic, Training Plans.


Align Communication and Reinforce Values with Video and Written Announcements.


Automated, Individualized, Positive Behavioral Reinforcements.

Skill Mapping

Track Hard and Soft Skills for a Role for Development and Workforce Planning.


Keep Everyone Aligned with Built-In Scheduling.

Ripple for Sports

Athletic inspiration.

Athletes at heart, RippleWorx first learned performance models from the field. As a digital coach, Rippleworx provides a formula for optimizing workloads. Coaches can see when players are most susceptible to an injury or "burn-out" and when they are at their best to perform. An individual's perceived workload often impacts their ability to perform more than the actual workload. RippleWorx focuses on deep sentiment analysis to understand how to build resiliency and wellness to help people have the mindset of performance.

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RippleWorx for
first responders & military.

RippleWorx helps leadership hear from field personnel to know exactly how to keep the department strong. All the while the ripple nudges incorporate the right resources to build up resiliency and wellness and optimum performance - creating a strong department for years to come.

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RippleWorx for business.

Organizations have realized an increase from 60% to 80% in promoter scores after switching to RippleWorx. Once engaged, RippleWorx provides the plan for individual development aligned to your company's goals for ongoing growth and satisfaction.

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