performance and engagement with leading-edge AI.

At RippleWorx, we blend learning-based human performance with advanced data science to proactively address the key factors driving individual and organizational flourising.


AI-powered people analytics simplify next steps and drive action. 

We fuse the RippleWorx Performance Chain, KMO, and RPX5 into a proprietary formula which empowers leaders with actionable insights and targeted interventions—leading to meaningful, lasting change.

The Performance Chain
Explained by Dr. Larry Lowe

Chief Scientist Larry Lowe explains, "At the core of our Performance Chain methodology is the readiness to perform. We identify performance gaps where employees may lack knowledge, motivation, or face organizational constraints. By analyzing multiple organizational dimensions, we determine where demands exceed resources, enabling us to craft targeted interventions at various levels to align efforts with organizational goals.”

Dr. Larry Lowe
Chief Scientist, RippleWorx
The RPX5
Insights from Dr. Gretchen Jameson

Dr. Gretchen Jameson explains the methodology that powers our approach to human and organizational performance improvement. "The RPX5 measures total performance toward a goal, not just the knowledge and skills required. We embrace transformative learning science that takes motivation, attitude, confidence, and commitment into its calculation; recognizing that performance readiness occurs when we improve what we know, what we believe, and most crucially, how we can transfer what we know and believe into our work contexts."

Dr. Gretchen M. Jameson
Lead People Science Advisor

RPX5: Our Proprietary 


The RPX5, RippleWorx’s exclusive framework, is designed around the five pillars of performance excellence: Well-Being, Knowledge & Skill, Motivation (ME domain), Positive Climate, and Performance Culture (WE domain).

This model integrates individual and team dynamics, fostering holistic development that transcends traditional performance metrics – contributing to a vibrant and thriving organizational culture.

Breakdown of RPX5:

Well-Being: Champion personal wellness across performance dimensions.

Knowledge & Skill: Foster relevant knowledge and skill sets.

Motivation: Boost mindset, value alignment, and team motivation.

Positive Climate: Build accountable, inclusive team dynamics.

Performance Culture: Promote growth, trust, and overall workplace wellness.

Our Approach

Empowerment through science-driven talent intelligence.

We’re not just developers of technology; we are scientists, researchers, and practitioners dedicated to unlocking the secrets of high performance in every organization.

The Foundations of Our Science:
Empirical Research: Grounded in Evidence

Our algorithms and insights are anchored in empirical research, ensuring that every recommendation is substantiated by robust data, focusing on signals that drive real change.

Behavioral Science: Understanding Human Behavior

By integrating behavioral science principles, we decode workforce trends to create interventions that resonate deeply and drive meaningful change.

Predictive Analytics: Forecasting Future Trends

Leveraging predictive analytics, our platform provides foresight into potential challenges and opportunities, equipping you to proactively manage your workforce.

Inclusive Design: Diversity at the Core

Our solutions are crafted with inclusivity as a foundational element, ensuring they support diversity and equity in every team.

Adaptive Learning: Evolving with You

As your organization grows, our platform adapts, ensuring the insights we provide continually align with your evolving needs.

Actionable Insights: From Data to Action

We transform complex datasets into clear, strategic insights, guiding you towards measurable improvements in performance and engagement.

People Science Partnerships



through collaboration.

We champion collaborative innovation, partnering with top academic and industry leaders to evolve the people analytics industry.

Joining our community offers a unique chance to contribute to groundbreaking research, gain early access to our latest insights, and actively shape the future of workforce performance.

Together, we share knowledge, co-create solutions, and test new theories, driving mutual progress and discovery.

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