5 Key Statistics that Lead to Employee Retention

November 28, 2022
2 min read

The power dynamics between employees and employers are shifting. Over the past 20 years — and even more so over the past two years — loyalty has declined. The number of employees who intend to be with their current organization in 12 months have decreased by 13% over the last two years. Disruptions to the labor force brought about by the pandemic have led to a shift in the way many people view work, and as priorities shift, employers must figure out how to address the needs of their employees in order to retain talent and adapt to the future of business.

Employees who are satisfied with their employers' measures in five key areas are:

👉 Purposeful work: 2x more likely to stay

👉 Flexibility and work-life balance: 1.8x more likely to stay

👉 Social and supportive cultures: 1.5x more likely to stay

👉 Career development and training: 1.7x more likely to stay

👉 Wellness programs and benefits: 1.6x more likely to stay

Do any of these motivate you at work? What actions does your team take to increase retention as employee desires shift?

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