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A 24/7 Athlete's Mindset by Michael Parkhurst

April 17, 2020
3 min read

At the latter part of my career I saw many young players try to break into the team.  Year after year there were new teenagers, all the “best of the best” in their age groups throughout their lives.  And for every one player that made it to a second contract, there were five who were cut within two to three years. For most, it was not a lack of talent but rather the lack of a strong mentality and professionalism that kept them from progressing. These players were unable to correlate the factors of the 24/7 athlete to success.

Those that fail to understand that what they do off the field, or away from the training facility, affects how they’re able to perform on the field. Those are also the players who do not end up having long successful careers. Every elite athlete can easily identify and answer the following questions:

“How does what I eat on Wednesday affect how I play on Friday?”

“How does a party on Friday night affect me on Sunday?”

“Why does a lack of hydration on Tuesday negatively affect muscle recovery and soreness for Wednesday?”

“How does a long walk through the park or zoo affect leg fatigue the next day?”

Everything is intertwined for the elite athlete. And, this is a life-lesson - "preparation” is key. Preparation is also never ending - that fact can be difficult and draining.  That sounds daunting, right?  But, what if you saw how your daily routine….your daily choices actually impact your overall results.  You may make different choices.   That’s what RippleWorx is all about - showing you what being a 24/7 athlete is all about.

Please feel free to contact me to find out how Rippleworx can aid you or your players in the process of becoming a 24/7 athlete.

The greater the sacrifice the greater the reward!