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Huntsville Police Department Chooses RippleWorx

February 8, 2021
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Huntsville Chooses RippleWorx, Makes Innovative Investment in Police Force

RippleWorx, today announces that they have been hired by the Huntsville Police Department to address police officer wellness and resiliency through a partnership with pro-athlete trainer, Ed Downs.

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Gillian Gormley

RippleWorx, the award-winning, business intelligence technology leader for wellness and performance acceleration, announces the partnership with the Huntsville Police Department and Ed Downs, Pro-Athlete Trainer who has trained elite athletes such as Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez as well as members of our military Special Operations, to offer a holistic approach for wellness and resiliency of police officers.  

Today, chronic and critical stress is threatening the well-being of police officers. Without proper tools for monitoring and resolving the stress, the negative impact on performance will continue to threaten the police officers and impact communities at large.  The RippleWorx software has shown that through proven science, repeated and unresolved physical and mental stresses have a direct correlation to an individual’s ability to perform. This partnership will offer a holistic solution to understand the root cause of the physical and mental stresses, as well as implement the methodologies to improve performance, resiliency and wellness.  

“We care about our officers and we care about our employees. We want to find ways to do more - to do better.  We recognize that things cannot continue as is.”  states, Captain DeWayne McCarver. We started working with Dr. Sandritter and Angie Sandritter, leaders of RippleWorx, because of the platform they already have in place for athlete’s performance and the detection of stress and injuries.  Their willingness to modify their approach to address the specific needs of police department and to bring in the most qualified resources to address the whole situation, is why we chose them to solve this challenge. ``

“We’re passionate about this! - About creating a positive impact in people who then in turn can create a positive impact in their organizations and the community” states Dr. Timo Sandritter, co-founder of RippleWorx. “And we’re impressed with the Huntsville Police Department’s willingness to innovate together to come up with a solution that works.  Huntsville has been esteemed for innovation from space command to putting the first American’s on the moon.  We see a huge opportunity to pull these resources together to develop a solution that will change how police departments recruit, train and continue to develop officers for many years to come.”  

RippleWorx continues to demonstrate success and real improvements by employing the right, continuous actions, over time, to generate lasting desired results. Our software will capture the regular sentiment of officers correlated with their workloads and performance -all the while, employing methodologies from experts, like Ed Downs, to shape cognitive and physical resiliency.” Angie Sandritter, CEO for RippleWorx explains  “When we focus on the desired outcomes and what is preventing us from getting there, this is when we will see results. To put it more plainly, our desire is to help everyone sleep better at night – our officers and our community. This is the ripple effect we want to help shape.”

“I am very happy to be teaming up with RippleWorx, to help out the Huntsville Police Department's overall performance,” states Ed Downs, Professional Trainer. “What is even more important is those cognitive features. I hear guys talk about being able to read defense, situational awareness, pattern recognition and see what they did in previous quarters. It is the same type of skill sets that police officers need every day in their unknown environments. I believe if we can help improve these skills sets, it will overall improve decision making.”

“This is big. This is just the beginning. We can use this tool to do something different and dynamic for our police department and the citizens of Huntsville,” said Devyn Keith, Council Member District 1.

RippleWorx is the only mobile app and SaaS software solution that looks at the whole picture- the emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being of the individual to allow people to perform at their best. Once we analyze the feedback, we put actions into easy, attainable tasks and goals - so officers can see and measure results. This is the Ripple Effect – Not only do we analyze, we actionize to succeed!

It's time to #bebetter!