KMO V.01

February 2, 2022
3 min read

What is the KMO concept approach?

That is a question that every successful organization should know the answer to. RippleWorx was ultimately built on the KMO gap analysis framework, which facilitates the development of a holistic approach to close the various influence gaps and evaluation strategies to monitor and measure impact or performance.

The first being Knowledge, what individuals need to know and the skills they need to possess to carry out a specific task; Motivation in simple terms refers to the commitment and mental effort put forth by the people in your workplace and their drivers; lastly, Organization barriers are the lack of resources that prevent growth.

What are the drivers for your workforce and how do you ensure you are playing into those drivers?

Leadership is positioned at the top level of organizations to provide vision and direction. They are looked up to lead well and create purposeful engagement throughout the company. Leaders are not only judged by what they accomplish, but also the steps they took to achieve those organizational goals.

In the past twenty years, CEO turnover has increased from 10% to over 14%, an increase of almost 50%. You can be praised for financial success and innovation until your lapses of ethical and organizational judgement leads you to a downfall.

“An organization is a social system and its ability to effectively perform is through its people.”

- Peter Drucker

The gap analysis framework is a structured methodology that allows organizations to identify areas of improvement.