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Larry Lowe joins RippleWorx

November 2, 2021
3 min read

We would like to introduce Ripple's newest addition to the team, Dr. Larry Lowe.

With his vast analytical experience as well as management and product development, Larry will support RippleWorx in a handful of ways:

·       Assisting the engineering team with processes and optimization

·       Analyzing actionable metrics from large datasets  

·       Aiding the business development team in the capture of government R&D contracts

In graduate school I specialized in the math side of electrical engineering, specifically in the areas of electromagnetics and statistical signal processing. During the first 20 years of my career, I led engineering teams responsible for radar and satellite communications hardware development. I was fortunate to be part of the executive team at GATR Technologies as VP Engineering from 2008 to 2018. I left the company three years after we were acquired by Cubic Corporation.  Feeling a little burned out on engineering, I decided to explore the beverage and entertainment business space by purchasing a property and opening a brewery and taproom, Fractal Brewing Project. Now that the brewery is starting to get traction after a rough opening through Covid, I’m craving another technical challenge.  

The Ripple product is interesting to me. The engineering team that I managed at GATR went from 5 employees when I started in 2008 to 130 employees in 2018. Managing people in a rapidly growing environment was not easy – the management structure changed every 18 months as the engineering team expanded.  Occasionally, some people did not get the mentoring and engagement that they needed. The engagement piece of measuring sentiment for individuals and across teams would have been very useful.  

What really interests me personally is the data processing challenges of analyzing disparate sets of big data to get an even more in-depth picture of individuals and organizations. I’m looking forward to exercising the statistical signal processing side of my technical background in the second half of my career!  

I also have a passion for teaching. I was an adjunct professor at UAH in addition to my full-time job when I got out of graduate school - teaching one class per semester for three years. I had to stop that extracurricular activity as my children grew up and needed “Dad” to be a soccer coach instead of an adjunct professor. Now that my children are older, I’ve recently started teaching again in the math department at Calhoun Community College.    

My wife, Amanda, and I also spend a lot of time support our children as they progress through high school and college. Claire is a junior at Birmingham Southern studying technical theater, Josh is a freshman at UAH studying kinesiology and playing on the Charger Men’s Soccer Team, and Claudia is a sophomore at Grissom High School. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks, and I like to run. I’m always looking for people that like to discuss big ideas in technology – either during a run or over a post run beer. “