Resilience as a KPI

April 18, 2022

Many leaders are adopting a hybrid, informed intuition approach to help understand their most important asset, their people. Like the Netflix algorithm, which blends sophisticated viewer analytics with years of experience when exploring new products, leaders are analyzing every piece of engagement information to make better people decisions and better predict performance.

At RippleWorx, we make occupational resilience a KPI.  We believe the key to strong and consistent performance is a resilient employee.  Many organizations do not have quantitative data to help them optimize resilience in their staff.  We use computational social science (using data processing and data science tools to analyze information about people and relationships) for strategic decision-making and optimization of the work force. Our innovation is helping to reduce unwanted turnover, improve profits, streamline operations, and optimize decision-making.

Computational leadership science (CLS) is the next evolution in organizational performance.  It is designed to fundamentally improve leadership by using simulations, network analysis, AI, and other computational approaches. It is at the intersection of trailblazing science and technology, well-established leadership research, and invaluable knowledge gleaned from practice.

If we value performance, we must invest in our people. We need to listen and understand how they are doing and use this data to ensure we are doing everything possible to enhance their resilience.  If you do, you will see a remarkable return on investment and if you choose to ignore this metric, strong performance will continue to be elusive and unpredictable in your organization.