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Ripple is Changing the World of Sports

January 1, 2019
5 min read

RippleWorx is Making Waves

Predictive analytics, machine learning, and performance management - mixed with a user-friendly dashboard of daily engaging features makes small ripples of success for players and coaches that turn into waves over time.

RippleWorx is a holistic platform, providing an intuitive integrated calendar, surveys, assessments, private chat, user management, and goal tracking with predictions for future goals based on key performance metrics. By utilizing surveys and assessments, coaches and trainers can incite small daily change to make big waves towards their goals. Through the use of individual and group chats, as well as the fully integrated calendar, coaches and teammates will see a boost in daily productivity and motivation.

RippleWorx is Predicting Injuries

Did you know that 68 % of injuries in soccer are acute? And that 6.2 injuries occur every 1,000 player hours? How about the fact that simply losing a starting player to injury can cost a club millions of dollars? RippleWorx offers injury predictions based on key data points captured through daily use of the app. That data is then used to automatically adjust and create future goals for players on the path toward injury, steering them on a new healthy journey to growth and success.

Using RippleWorx to Take Input and Drive Increased Output

RippleWorx is all about small changes having a big impact, over time. Consistency is key here. RippleWorx keeps you as the player, the trainer, the coach, even the water boy on track with what you need to do today to own the day and push your success to the next level.

Surveys and assessments are vital for gaining more insight into your physical and mental well being. One night of bad sleep doesn't equate to a terrible season, but a trend in poor sleep, mental clarity, nutrition, and practices can lead to a bad season riddled with poor performances and potential career ending injury.

Goals are what set RippleWorx apart from a simple daily habit tracker app. Long term and short term goals are set by the player and the coach. Each and every day progress is tracked and measured against the markers for true success. RippleWorx AI analyzes every bit of input, from goals down to nutrition and sleep - to suggest modifications to existing goals, or new goals entirely. RippleWorx will learn more about you as a person, as a player, and as a teammate in order to offer course corrections and suggestions to keep you on the path toward success for you and your team.

At any moment in time, you can open the RippleWorx mobile application to review your progress. Discover trends in your sleep habits, understanding of new tactics and skills training, mental wellness and satisfaction, and so much more. Get a clear picture of where you stand today, and watch how the picture changes over time to show the waves of success that started from small ripples created consistently every day.

Ripple Brings Daily Value

“For me as an athletic and rehab trainer, it has also become an irreplaceable instrument in my daily work. Through early feedback on the state of health, through the monitoring tool, I receive important information early, regularly and in a simple analysis to control the training intensity accordingly and possibly remove players from regular operation,” said one customer.

Gaining player trust and buy-in is an integral part of the platform, strengthening the relationships between player and coach, and allowing them all to visualize their hard work inside the solution. RippleWorx is more than data, it’s a tool to improve daily life.