RippleWorx Education V.01 Things We Learned

August 24, 2021
2 min read
Companies are wrapping up mid-year performance reviews and everyone is excited – said no one ever.

In large part, the low feelings managers and employees experience is based on the process itself. Too many organizations still follow the annual and biannual performance appraisal process. And, because of this, they miss out on authentic conversations about performance that matters to the employee, the manager, and the team.

Innovative-minded companies and departments are re-thinking the traditional approach and moving to continual conversations between managers and their teams. The smaller, more frequent touch base conversations focus on contributions employees are making in real time – you know, the time we call now-now. But, for those conversations to be productive, managers need access to multiple data points about an employee.

Data towards goals, data on skill abilities, data on engagement and sentiment, - a whole host of data categories that frame a narrative of the employee and team’s performance and also identify areas of growth and opportunity.

Data changes the conversation about performance in the workplace, “says Seth Elliott in an article he penned in He points to the issue of organizations not having a framework to identify the “indisputably capable and invaluable” employees and ultimately impact overall results. Elliot's roadmap for using data to improve workforce performance is built on three steps:

1.     The Right Tools

2.     Focus on Productivity Management

3.     OKRs

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RippleWorx is the only mobile app and SaaS software solution that looks at the whole picture- the emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being of the individual to allow people to perform at their best. Once we analyze the feedback, we put actions into easy, attainable tasks and goals - so officers can see and measure results. This is the Ripple Effect – Not only do we analyze, we actionize to succeed!