RippleWorx Education V.06 Things We Learned

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It’s Quittin’ Time – but it doesn’t have to be.

There is a lot of ink being spilled over the Great Resignation phenomena. And, for good reason. Companies are experiencing the impact of their skilled employees’ choices to move on to something different – either because of money or because of purpose.

But leaders don’t need to see themselves as victims of this process. In fact, leaders can see this period of workforce change as representing new opportunities, according to Keith Ferrazi, chairman of the consulting firm Ferrazzi Greenlight. He argues that we as leaders should reframe the great resignation as the Great Exploration in an article, he wrote with the CHRO of Unilever – Mike Clementi.

In the podcast with Mr. Ferrazzi and David Brancaccio on NPR Marketplace, he says, “It’s time for us to re-contract and reconnect with our associates, giving them time to explore, giving them time to question, giving them time to reengage and recommit to the organization that they’re working for.”

At Rippleworx, we work with our clients to uncover motivation, culture, and engagement through a pulsing and employee listening program. This is one way that we support the reframing and shifting of mindset with leaders around retention and workforce changes today. Our client leaders gain deep intelligence and insights to the lived experience of their employees and use these anonymous details to make systematic changes in the work and environment to give employees these opportunities.

Listen to this podcast and gain new insights into creating historically significant changes with your employees and develop innovative ways to bond worker’s loyalty to your organization. And feel free to reach out to us at Rippleworx to learn how we can help you in this process.