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RippleWorx has Joined the Military

January 27, 2020
3 min read

Packing lists, personnel management, push notifications for location changes, these are just a few ways RippleWorx is impacting DoD.

Do you hand your soldiers an excel sheet, then ask them to go home and pack their bag, only to make them come back and unpack it in front of you to ensure they packed everything correctly? What if there was an automated way to check that every soldier packed optimally? Ripple can provide that. With our survey feature, you can create required items that soldiers must check off and photograph to prove they followed the packing instructions. You will receive a detailed report for every soldier, and the system will automatically flag users that have not completed the survey satisfactory.


Sound good? We thought so.

 What about a sudden change in scheduling? How do you communicate that today? RippleWorx can push notifications out immediately to all users, groups of users, or a single user, however you choose. The recipient will receive a notification straight on their device as if they’ve received a text to notify them. You can even view who has seen the notification, who responded, who opened it, and even who opened it and ignored it. Crazy, huh?

 What about your gear? Is there a log on paper somewhere with signatures and dates and what was serviced? What if we could easily take that electronic, all within the app? You could view who last touched the machinery,when it was serviced, assign servicing, and log all activity at the touch of your fingers.


RippleWorx has many more applications to DoD and the military, but these are a few ways the technology can impact day to day life for soldiers. If you would like to learn more, or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!