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RippleWorx Selected Among Most Promising Tech Startups in Southeast US, Will Present at Venture Atlanta 2022

October 5, 2022
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ATLANTA (September 29, 2022) — Out of hundreds of applicants, RippleWorx is excited to have been selected to present as one of the most promising tech startups in the Southeast by Venture Atlanta. Venture Atlanta, to be held this October, is one of the most prestigious venture capital conferences in the United States.

With the theme of FORWARD signifying the Southeast tech ecosystem’s continued growth and momentum, Venture Atlanta 2022 showcases the companies that are making huge ripples in the world of tech, and RippleWorx is proud to be shaping the future of work as it rapidly evolves.

The roles of work and labor in the United States are undergoing a huge cultural shift. Emphasis on wellness, motivation, and engagement are quickly becoming key to companies' success in all areas: retention, profitability, stability, and growth. Companies that don’t align with the evolving needs of their workforce are going to be left behind - and this is already becoming evident across fields.

Employees that are motivated are equipped to perform – and employees that are not motivated are leaving companies in spades. 81% of employees who do not feel motivated at work leave their company within 1 year. Measuring and improving employee wellbeing impacts the bottom line – it increases performance and ROI, now more than ever.

RippleWorx is on the forefront of addressing this.

RippleWorx collects your existing internal data and combines it with new ways of measuring employee engagement, motivation, and performance to give you actionable insights about your workforce. Then, we harness this data to help you make intelligent, proactive business decisions based on your company’s goals.

Using cutting-edge AI-driven pulsing technology, we deploy natural language processing through channels your employees already use to make feedback actionable. Our technology allows you to capture what matters most to employees and maximize productivity and momentum towards your goals.

RippleWorx’s data-driven solutions provide organizations a groundbreaking way to understand employee motivation – and then allows them to act on it by analyzing factual, data-driven insights to make measurable improvements.

We are honored to have been selected as one of the most promising tech startups in the Southeast and will present October 19-20, 2022.