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The Margin of Elite by Michael Parkhurst

Millions of kids grow up playing sports - almost all imagining a life as a professional. Some are lucky enough to continue to play at the high school level and from there even fewer at the collegiate level. Most, finish here, with only the select and elite few getting the opportunity to play professionally. And here, at each sports’ highest level, is where the margins between good and great and great and elite are at their finest.  

What exists (or, does it take) within those margins and how do the elite take advantage of them?

The answer to the prior is anything and everything. It’s within every fine detail of training on and off the field, the mental and physical preparation, the video analysis of both oneself’s and opponent’s gym work, recovery, goal setting and more.

The answer to the latter is that the elite understands how to work, not only harder, but smarter and more efficiently than the rest.  They use any and all available resources to discover where and how they can gain the extra edge and then go out and take advantage of that knowledge.  They are laser-focused.

They understand the benefit of setting goals, both long and short term. Setting goals and creating a course of action to achieve them is a major motivating factor for athletes of all levels, including pros. Afterall, even minor improvements can have a big impact on overall performance. Yet, at a level where the margins are so thin every little improvement or edge gained can be the difference between starting or sitting - wins or losses - and, even trophies or draft picks or not.

We, at Ripple, are excited to provide athletes and teams with the technology to aid in this quest for eliteness. Our solution was built to find, assess and achieve these small margins through our array of modules including data integration and analysis as well as our goal setting tools. Let us take you or your team to the next level.  

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